Just keeping track of the photos from parties.

2007-06-11 21:35:31   Mark and Cynthia in Saumur

So, Mark and Cynthia got married in France and the weather was sunny, the people were fun, the food was tasty-gorgeous and the bride was just gorgeous.

You can see the proof, by clicking this link here.

2006-10-27 21:20:09   birthday

A little video I knocked together to wish my brother a happy birthday.
… happy birthday!

So, a few weeks back Grainne finally made an honest man out of Eamonn, and me being me took an awful lot of pictures.
Me being me, however, an awful lot of those pictures were blurry, or of the back of people’s heads, or of my wife… which is understandable, albeit not really the point at […]

2005-10-31 00:00:36   boo

When we had our house half-finished… well not that finished, but enough to be getting on with, we had a house-warming hallowe’en party.
Here are the pictures.

2005-06-01 15:00:57   peppered sprout

We got married in a fever, hotter’n a peppered sprout. We got married on a nice hot June afternoon and ate nice tasty food. Here’s the proof.