I'm afraid sir that 'the customer is always right' isn't store policy

Something has to cover the cost of all of this, and on the pay I’m getting its not going to be me.Anyway, here are a few places to go shopping for stuff. I’ll be honest here, I get a cut out of this so if you could buy something really expensive I’d appreciate it.

Rather than forward you to other shops that sell things that other people had done and that I liked, I figured that I’d use the power of modern technology and its remarkable ability to create production runs of single items at nearly the same cost as mass production.

In short, I’m using caf├ępress to make t-shirts.

2006-09-04 20:43:07   amazon women on the moon

So, my wife just had a baby, who was in a wierd position on the way out. After thirteen hours of labour, two and a half of which were the pushing part, and no stitches, she just stood up and walked out of the hospital with this baby in her arms, as fresh as a […]

2006-07-15 22:33:26   eat the feeling

I thought the chemical symbol for love was pretty cool, so I figured I’d try to sell it.

Love cup
Love t-shirt
“Eat the feeling” t-shirt