I like to look at things. Some of my friends think that I’m a nut, and some of them think that I have the “hobo” gene because I walk everywhere and I tend to pick up anything that looks like it might be interesting, and then hoard it in a tin box in my house - a house I’ve just bought and which doesn’t have a street widow like my first flat did. I don’t know how not having a street window has affected me: I’ll either start living in the television or else I’ll end up stalking people again.

I leave you with some kafka:

Whoever leads a solitary life and yet now and then wants to attach himself somehere, whoever, according to changes in the time of day, the weather, the state of business and the like, suddenly wishes to see any arm at all to which he might cling–he will not be able to manage for long without a window looking on to the street. And if he is in the mood of not desiring anything and only goes to his window sill a tired man, with eyes turning from his public to heaven and back again, not wanting to look out and having thrown his head up a little, even then the horses below will draw him down into their train of wagons and tumult, and so at last into the human harmony.

As I wander about, I take some pictures now and again, you can see some here.

I thought about it and then I did it: all of the images in lost and found can now be seen, in modern-art, pop format, at my rosenquist generator.

You can also search the web randomly, with this nifty randolinkerama.

2006-10-24 12:06:08   randolinkerama

There’s an awful lot of shite on the interwebnet, and you can now search it randomly, with this nifty randolinkerama.
It works by picking two words at random (or at least as random as javascript can be) and then creates a google “I feel lucky” request out of them.

2006-07-22 16:43:04   munch!

They say that if you’re in a car and you come to a halt suddenly from 30 miles per hour you turn into an elephant. Some people manage to get that fat by just sitting around, eating.
Having lost three stone of lard last year, I feel like I’m experienced enough to talk about being […]

The census is out, and the numbers are scary. Very scary indeed. It seems that Leinster is the only province which has more women than men.
From my thinking, there are two possible explanations for this: mass murder… or something much worse.
It’s possible (we can only hope so) that the muck-savages have been drowning their daughters. […]

2006-07-15 23:01:31   rosenquist generator

I thought about it and then I did it: all of the images in lost and found can now be seen, in modern-art, pop format, at my rosenquist generator.

2006-07-15 21:47:58   pleasure principal

All of my relationships are platonic, they get that way after sex.
– Andrei Codrescu, Platonism, and why the world’s fucked up
There’s a certain misunderstanding that I think needs to be cleared up, and it’s got a lot to do with monkeys and sex. At first I thought it had more to do […]

2006-07-15 02:33:41   tin drum

I’ve recently bought a scanner, and it seems that found art is all the rage these days, so here are a few of the flatter items from my tin box.

Some truly awful student poetry .
Proof of my hall story […]

2002-09-16 00:00:44   eat the peach

This is a neuropeptide called phenylethylamine, but you can call it love. It gets released into the unsuspecting brain whenever you feel that old black magic, or whenever you eat large quantities of chocolate.
So there it is: if you feel like you’ll never find that very special person, you can still get that kick… can’t […]

2001-07-13 00:00:22   the meaning of life

Man was matter, that was Snowden’s secret. Drop him out the window and he’ll fall. Set fire to him and he’ll burn. Bury him and he’ll rot like other kinds of garbage. The spirit gone, man is garbage. That was Snowden’s secret. Ripeness was all. - Joseph Heller.

1996-10-08 19:06:00   What dreams may come

This is where it all began, this was my first ever post, on my first ever website: a page on angelfire. It’s about *fruit*. You may think you’re the original braindelay, but you’re not: I am.

You can spot them a mile off, the penultimate dreamers, they always have that annoyed look because they’re not somewhere […]

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