We do this, from time to time, we have pub crawls to celebrate that whole being alive thing.

2005-05-14 15:00:20   stag

When Daniel met Aibhin.
My stag party was a pub crawl with plenty of women; a pub crawl without women can only end badly.

2004-08-21 15:00:56   introductions

A pub crawl where I got to introduce Aibhin to my other coevals.

2003-02-22 15:00:32   phineas fogg

When Eamonn and GrĂ¡inne came home, I had a pub crawl in their honour. Partly out of a gladness to see them again, but mostly because, like the man himself, after going around the world they had one more day than I did, I wanted them so hungover the day after the crawl that we’d […]

2001-11-06 15:00:48   immodest proposal

After I became a priest in the univeral life church I had a pub crawl to celebrate, and it ended up with Sarah getting married to GrĂ¡inne.

2001-02-10 15:00:53   post-op

When I arranged my first pub crawl, I expected that I’d be able to go to it. As it turned out I couldn’t: when the day came I went down with peritonitis and had to be rushed to hospital.
To make up for it, I arranged another pub crawl to take its place.