As I wander about I take pictures of things. Not very artistic ones, mind you, but they scratch some kind of itch in my head.

2007-06-11 22:01:13   warning… something shocking ahead!

Careful now.

2007-06-11 22:00:24   between the lines

I don’t imagine this chap has too many problems parking.

2007-06-11 21:59:25   police nation

I saw this “police nation” sign in Nantes airport… at least they’re honest about their facism.

2007-06-11 21:57:29   pain

The “pain shop?” I wonder if they sell marriage licenses…

2007-06-11 21:56:23   Direction

The most depressing signpost I’ve ever seen.

2007-05-01 22:26:52   GM botany

There’s something not quite right with this tree.

2007-05-01 22:25:41   trying to remember something…

hey, up Santa Ana, they’re killin’ your soldiers below.

2007-04-09 20:00:54   crossing children

2007-04-09 20:00:07   act of god

I took this in my old flat. A tree had been blown over and had squished someone’s car.

2007-04-08 19:42:23   big sun

The cold Irish sun burning above my chimney. I wasn’t afraid: our sun is so cold I could look at this for ages and not even go slightly blind.

2007-04-08 19:41:25   why are you here today?

I was on a communications course recently and at the start of the first day we all had to write up on a wall the things we hoped to learn.

These are everybody’s hopes.

2007-04-08 19:39:41   a wall with feet

I saw this wall with feet when I was out and about and it just cracked me up. I can only wonder where the rest of this wall is.

Is there a wall body and a wall head somewhere?

2006-10-19 18:53:56   eye spy

2006-08-30 09:54:06   mushroom

2006-07-20 21:05:30   the pink sky is covered with gorillas

pink moon

2006-07-20 21:05:02   moontree

sky at night

2006-07-20 21:04:27   city of tiny lights

Driving at night

2006-07-20 21:03:25   can I get a silent witness?

Happy to be a victim

2006-07-20 21:02:49   woman

post op

2006-07-20 21:02:28   man

pre op

2006-07-20 21:02:09   heartValve

If this is where the label ended up, I wonder where that valve ended up.

2006-07-20 21:00:47   ghost

Something in the trees

2006-07-20 21:00:03   firefly4

Night flights iv

2006-07-20 20:59:35   firefly3

Night lights iii

2006-07-20 20:58:34   firefly2

Night lights ii

2006-07-20 20:57:53   firefly

Night lights

2006-07-20 20:56:31   blue

A blue room… can you guess which one?

2006-07-20 20:07:56   birds

Some birds.

2006-07-20 20:05:35   fish

some fish

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