Hello there!

This is the new and improved braindelay.com. I had pretty much left it to stagnate so I figured that if I made it up like a weblog then it would be easier to update and I might actually get up off my arse to make updates to it.

Why did I go to all the trouble to roll out some blogging software onto my webhost rather than just use a free blog on the interwebnet? Well, I didn’t want someone else deleting my pages because I had broken some fair use or language policy, because once you have a language policy you’re only one step away from having a thought policy, and we can’t have that now, can we.

Can we?

That being said, I have a youtube account where I’ve pushed up some videos, and may push up some more.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve done here, and if you don’t I hope you find something out there that you do like.

If you want to say hello you can catch me at daniel@braindelay.com.