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why are you here today?

I was on a communications course recently and at the start of the first day we all had to write up on a wall the things we hoped to learn.

These are everybody’s hopes.

a wall with feet

I saw this wall with feet when I was out and about and it just cracked me up. I can only wonder where the rest of this wall is.

Is there a wall body and a wall head somewhere?


There’s an awful lot of shite on the interwebnet, and you can now search it randomly, with this nifty randolinkerama.
It works by picking two words at random (or at least as random as javascript can be) and then creates a google “I feel lucky” request out of them.

eye spy



They say that if you’re in a car and you come to a halt suddenly from 30 miles per hour you turn into an elephant. Some people manage to get that fat by just sitting around, eating.
Having lost three stone of lard last year, I feel like I’m experienced enough to talk about being […]

the pink sky is covered with gorillas

pink moon


sky at night

city of tiny lights

Driving at night

can I get a silent witness?

Happy to be a victim