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Night lights iii


Night lights ii


Night lights


A blue room… can you guess which one?


Some birds.


some fish
The census is out, and the numbers are scary. Very scary indeed. It seems that Leinster is the only province which has more women than men.
From my thinking, there are two possible explanations for this: mass murder… or something much worse.
It’s possible (we can only hope so) that the muck-savages have been drowning their daughters. […]

me and adelaide are finally naming the day

So, a few weeks back Grainne finally made an honest man out of Eamonn, and me being me took an awful lot of pictures.
Me being me, however, an awful lot of those pictures were blurry, or of the back of people’s heads, or of my wife… which is understandable, albeit not really the point at […]

I got a broadband a while back, and it came with a wireless router, which was just enough to tip my natural anxiety over into full-blown paranoia.
So, I spent a bit of time investigating how safe I could make my router and I came up with the following piece over on


Bod et al are working on a tank game with the somewhat overwrought title of “Hammers of Hell.”
You can see the progress they are making on it over at