in camera
Here comes your bride with her veil on;
approach her you wretch, if you dare.
Approach her, you ape with your tail on:
once you have her she'll always be there.
Ah, but don't go home with your hard-on,
it will only drive you insane.
You can't shake it or break it with your Motown
and you can't break it down in the rain.

"Ball-trap?" Is this a poster for a wedding?

Appraisal... that'll do nicely


Choo-choo train


The squire, and milady

... little maids from school.

Some competition

Money shot.

Just like a ballerina.

Thumbs up!

A DelMonte conference.




Most any afternoon at five
We'll be so glad we're both alive
Then maybe fortune will complete a plan
That all began with cocktails for two

Pretty-boy Floyd goes crazy for the grape-juice.

Colin, ruining what would have otherwise been a perfectly good
shot of the happy couple's first dance.

Doctor Evil, lounging.

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.

The pain shop? Is this where they sell marriage licenses?