ad astra
We got married in a fever
hotter'n a pepperd sprout.
We've been talkin' 'bout Jackson
Ever since the fire went out.

Well, we did it, oh yes we did, and the camera never lies.

There are some new picures over here, courtesy of Katherine (with a K).

This is why we came out. To find out why this...

... is marrying this freak... I have no idea.

Especially considering that I've such a hairy neck.

Don't make me angry, Mister Magee... you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

What do you call a fish with no eyes?

A "fsh".

A few of us in Peter's pub.


I enjoyed this fart... I'm not so sure that Alan did.

Adam seems to have dropped his glass... souse.


An awful lot of pictures didn't come out, and it may have been my fringe's fault.

Out youngest member.

Boxing rocker... I'll swap you a baby for it.

You guys rock!

To a kid lookin' up to me: "life ain't nothin' but bitches and money."

Caught smooching... well we are planning on getting married.

Some cheaters... eating... I'm shocked... shocked.

... what's that up there?

AH! It's the hand of God. I was wondering when that moocher was going to turn up.

Caught peeping... well we are planning on getting married.

Hammered drunk, I try to read my watch and a sheet of paper at the same time, and I don't succeed in reading either.

Someone was drunk taking this shot. Given the height from which this snap was taken, I'm guessing the photographer has four children.

The sign reads: "Oh Dublin, you drunken sedative."

With the right boots he could march on Poland.

Doctor Mengele, giving the camera some kissy lips.

Aoife, not the world's biggest metal fan, enjoying the music in Bruxelles.

More laughing





Some smokers

Wasted and wounded, it ain't what the moon did: got what I paid for now.

I don't know what you were like, but my own head was like this on the way home.

... but wait, there's more

Hmmm... very moody.

The brother's Grimm.


Either I'm drunk, or she is.

Someone's blowing bubbles... lucky monkey.

Gráinne looking like something from a french movie...
a french movie... ohh the BAGGAGE

I didn't know Simon was wearing a pink t-shirt... pansy

My hair didn't look that scruffy when I started... I guess I was pretty drunk by now.

If it's not you making you smile, who is it? I can't see anybody's hands in this shot.


"Yeah. Parrots. You think you get them all, but you forget about the eggs."

Aoife, demonstrating how the aliens probed farmhands at Roswell.

I know... probing.

I think that by now, even God is drunk and can't focus.

Double, double...

I don't know, but I think someone's in trouble.

Caught in the exact moment of grabbing some nuts.

A nice demonstration of Snell's law.

Head mush.

Sean... not Sean... Sean... no Sean...



These next three shots are like one of those flicker pictures.

Hello... do you want to see some puppies?

I am woman, hear me roar!

Citizen Kane.


God's sobered up and he's not happy with Bod and his erie knowledge of women's perfume.

Alan, poor bastard, after having to deal soberly with drunks all day, probably has the worst cheek cramps ever.

Have a... have a tequila... have a tequila... have a tequi-i-la!

I don't get this: I'm drinking the tequila; Bod is scared; Fergus is looking a bit sickly.

Looking a bit hazy...

.. and there it is, the tequila face: the one that looks like you've just kissed a possum's arse.



Camera's work with eyes, Aoife, not ears... it's a visual medium.


Again, Bod and Eamonn don't quite enjoy Mike's fart... then again, I'm not sure Mike enjoys it quite as much as I did.

Hay baby, did you come to Hollywood to get famous or didn't you... take 'em off


Thumbs up... looking at my eyes, I'm surprised I was still up.

Honest, I shaved that morning. Hairy, hairy, man.

Yoink. Adam's looking a bit the worst for wear.

It's tradition... Eamonn's smile is a bit slurred... sot

Bod? Those armpits are not for sniffing.

I have to hold on to her by her hair 'cause she won't let me attach BMX handlebars to her hips.


Hmmm... booze... nice...

... up to something... some kind of mischief...


Is Rois singing here?

Eamonn's about to fall over here.

Eamonn. Vomit. Is the puke half in or half out? Which of these options would class me as a pessimist?

Some kind of stripper to the left.

Vicious. You beat me with a flower. You do it every hour. Ohh. You're so vicious.

I don't really give a rat's ass? Say it with flowers.



Here's a face I wouldn't want to be lying under.


Someone doesn't floss.

Feck. Girls. Arse.


Slinking off.

Mike doesn't seem think much of the service.

Eamonn, are you rolling a rizzla?

Looking a bit guilty. Relax Katherine, it's only a Kebab.