ad astra
They filled me full of drink and they led me round the rooms
naked and cold and grinnin' until everything went black and I came down spinnin'.

I woke so drunk and full of rage that I could hardly speak...
a fag in a whale-bone corset draping his dick across my cheek.
papa won't leave you, Henry - Nick Cave

Well, we did it, oh yes we did, and the camera never lies.

Fifty two. I took fifty two photographs, and I got 29... that's barely more than half. Most were black as
pitch, but this was kinda cool.

This guy, however, may have thought I'd stolen his soul.

Hey, hey! It's the Monkees.

By now, I think you may have worked it out, I've lost complete track of which photo was taken where.

This was more of a Guerilla shot... gorilla shot... one of them, anyway: I crept up to take it, but I
fell over someone's chair in the process.

This is like "Memento:" I can remember taking this picture quite clearly, but not why.

Hogans. I'm pretty sure there's no chair where that fat man is "sitting."

Bruxelles. I know there was nobody that Liadh was talking to... except maybe Captain Howdy...

Does anybody know who, where, this man is?

I think this dancing fool thought I was shooting him... work for the camera baby... ooh, yah, work it... hey,
did you come to Hollywood to get famous, or didn't you?

Don't you just know that something special is coming along.

Some dancing.

Yup, some dancing. I said it once, and I'll say it again: dancing makes me envy cripples.

Take me to the strippers.

Outside somewhere. I must have this shot way out of order 'cause it's not shaking or blurred or anything.

Aha! There, to the right: it's a ghotsly balding running Jesus. I just knew we'd see that moocher again.

You can't tell me this woman has never owned a pony... I just won't believe it.

Aoife... I took these in colour, but black-and-whited them 'cause all of my friends go red-eyed or red-faced
in their photos, but even in monochrome you can see the blush in this snapshot.

Coming... or going...

I'm not sure if... who am I kidding: I was leaning against the wall when I took this.

Hmmm...... tequila!

Ah, tequila, it's almost telapathic in it's ability to make other people wince. It's hard to wince yourself, 'though,
when you're playing the world's smallest harmonica.

I can spell Julie and Siobhán, but, erm, the other two... "four women."

... ah... I wonder exactly how much trouble I'm in...

Rois really doubts it's as big as he says it is.

Eamonn really hopes it's not as "big" as they say it is.

... but the shock and awe of it all...

... is how big I hear it gets when you eat oysters.