ad astra
For IS and IS-NOT by rule and line
and UP and DOWN by logic I define;
for all that one should care to fahom
I was never deep in anything but wine.

Well, we did it, oh yes we did, and the camera never lies.




Just to prove that there was another shutterbug at the crawl.
I just want that to be laid out now. I'm not responsible for
half of these.

Gilly's hand is on my shoulder; what's up my arse that I would
make a face like this?

The camera has been drinking, not me, not me, not me...

From this point you may consider me to be drunk.

Ah, vaseline... now that's why the lady is a vamp.

An immodest proposal.

I now pronounce you dude and chick.

The other man.

Head the ball.

Playing the sandwich harmonica. I'm particularly fond of
Gilly's leer in this picture.

Nathan in the middle.

The hand of god again.... is this a good thing?

Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie putain.

If you like this picture as much as I do you can get
the T-shirt here

From this point you may consider me to be pissed.

I have no idea who these people are, but don't they have
fantastic eyebrows?

Nathan Barley.

They probably thought that I was taking a picture of them;
hmmm, oriental...

Is Eamonn so drunk that he's actually slurring his smile?

Yes. Incidentally, from this point you may consider me to be ripped.

Did I introduce any of you to Colin? It's probably for the
best if I didn't.

Does everyone have a photo of Brian in this pose?
Photoshop this picture.

This shocked expression is probably something Brian learnt
from antelopes while on safari.

This expression, however, is made possible only by removing
the lining of a man's trousers' pockets.

Whose old man is that?

I would have used a candle to get the wax out.

There are two items of note in this image.
  1. The tiny legless man on the bar who is tapping some
    woman on the head.
  2. The look af absolute concentration in Grainne's eye
    as she strives to maintain a vertical position.
    Oh, the baggage!