ad astra
And when like her, O Saki, you shall pass
among the guests, star-scattered on the grass,
and in that joyeous errand reach the spot
where I made one turn down an empty glass!

Well, we did it, oh yes we did, and the camera never lies.

I keep thinking .... cool! Kinkyboots.

They all seemed like nice college types.

I wasn't born this way, it just sort of happened.

If nurture wasn't to blame for this then there's an
obstetrician out there who needs some practice on the

I'm pickin' up good vibrations.

Look at this sideways, the hand of God was on our adventure.......
is that a good thing?

The dirty old man bar..... nice!.
The look of bored disgust on Grainne's face is almost scientifically measurable.

Squashed in all tight, I get all gooey in my pants just remembering it.

He ain't nothin' but a filthy peeper, he was lookin' in on Hot Mary and her fella!

Somebody was about to pay for the film when the pimp fucked it up in a
pimptastic way only he could have pulled off.

Pimptastic, what else can I say?

A postcard.... now, how to stick it to the wall?

If your party needs a smarty then call, rentaghost!

No recollection, none at all.... ro-ro-rohypnol?


Having a good time?

More smiling; I had never noticed before, but Romain
looks a bit like Michealín from the Quiet Man.

AA support group.

I don't know who took this picture, but I would like to, becausenobody
in a pub toilet should be smiling like that.

Top Tip: don't lend this man any money.

Why is the woman on the right leaving so quickly, Fintan?

Look at Eamonn; you can actually see how much he's slurrrrrrring his words.